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Real name: Pavel


Location: Yekaterinburg. Russia


Local time: 5 02:04:21


Age: N/A


Birth: 0/0/0


Clan: NNN








Twitter/Facebook account:




Interests: Girls, Traveling, Motorcycles, Music, Bodybuilding




Average time to wait his game confirmation: 0 day(s), 0:0:0


Last activity: [never]

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Number of games played in overall season: 0 (0%),
Number of games played in this season: 0 (0%)
Number of wins in this season: 0, number of loses: 0
Number of wins in overall season: 0, number of loses: 0
Maximum number of games he ever had in overall rankings: 144
Average round time: 00:00
Average turn time: 0 sec
% of caves played: N/A%
% of islands played: N/A%
% of cave rounds won: N/A%
% of island rounds won: N/A%
% of first turn in islands: N/A%
% of first turn in caves: N/A%
% of first turn in islands won: N/A%
% of first turn in caves won: N/A%

Overall accuracy in guess the damage challeges: 97.0097087%

Games per hours in overall ranking (current season is highlighted with yellow color):

games grid

Win/lose streak graphicon:

PavelB's streak graphicon


2020 Overall
Season 43 3rd place
Jet Pack lvl 5






Perdunok said: "Good player, tactful, creative, fast, good rope control!".
- Rafkaadminleagueright

Very good player and who always offers very difficult matches!
- Albus

Nice guy, has done a lot to help promote the WA community!
- lovEvilutionright

Very creative and positive-thinking player.
- StJimmy

- Crvic

The Russian Rafka.
- Perdunokleague

Охуенный плейер

You are a very skilled and creative opponent, the games against you are always a real challenge. I think concentration is an area for us both to work on.
- Psykologi

The main weakness is somewhat imperfect turn execution, bright ideas get ruined by mistakes. The best skill is persistence, not giving up even in toughest situations
- DrNick

по словам самого павла би он был под пивом но играть он мог!
- Ferenando

I always like to play against PavelB, very good player!
- Leoric

Always kind and nice, excellent skills, lots of things to learn from him. An honour to play against him everytime I have the opportunity.
- Echiko

Помню как ты начинал. Хорошо прокачался с того времениэ Чётко.
- Still

good player
- kinoman

Medals by turns:

Total used weapons, turns, damages in overall ranking:

Total turn time: 0 days, 00:00:00, average: 00:00 in total: 0 turns, average turns in a round: 0 (with no retration)
Total damage dealed: 0, in 0 turns, average: 0, maximal damage caused: 0 in one turn.
Total round time: 0 days, 00:00:00 in 0 rounds, average: 00:00:00
Sudden death factor: -

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