Season 2 statistics!

Seasonal and Overall playoffs and statistics.
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Season 2 statistics!

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ha ha :) vn
Congratulations guys
Thta was a good season!
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Interesting stats. Good luck to all top 8 players!
Playoffs will be cool!

P.S. Drama Queen of the season - haha! ROFL - most blowtorches on Crysis - Dario :D.
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Post by Rafka »

grats!!:P unfortunatelly I havent enough time to play in this season ;/ But I hope I will have more in 3rd. In the mean time - show all what skill in the finals should be You guys! hf! :P
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[quote]Most blowtorches on Crysis:
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Im thinking of adding a new category under "activity" column, especially for Mablak
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Yeah my activity level shot from 'unhealthy' to 'hellbent'. So Joschi told me that Rafka was going to take FaD's place, for well, obvious reasons. Is this fully decided on? Also maybe the thread title should be Season 2 statistics / playoffs ;0.
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