Hola. I'm new here !

Make a post here if you wish to take part in the Open Intermediate League
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Hola. I'm new here !

Post by Ingeniebrio »

Hi everyone. My name is Nicolás. My nickname is Ingeniebrio

I'm from Argentina. Only i want to play WA.

I look forward to hearing from you.

best !
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Re: Hola. I'm new here !

Post by PavelB »

I am not active anymore. But welcome anyway & have fun.
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Re: Hola. I'm new here !

Post by Perdunok »

Hi! Good luck and have fun in the league !
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Re: Hola. I'm new here !

Post by Dario »

Hi amigo :), have you joined our discord channel yet?. This forum is good for longer messages, but if you want a quick reply it is easier there. https://discord.gg/aBv5TybYa4

Hola amgo, si querés hablar más fluido pasate por el discord https://discord.gg/aBv5TybYa4 . Sino por acá todo bien, solo que es más lento.
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Re: Hola. I'm new here !

Post by Rafka »

Hi there and welcome! Gl and hf! If U wanna play U can find me on discord or AG channel :)
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