Mechanical tactics?

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Mechanical tactics?

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Sorry if I sound like information leech. But that's what I am. :mrgreen:

Dario has been explaining some examples about mechanical tactics and I'm curious to learn more about these. Simple, not to deep, tutorial would be nice. I'd like to know if there's something critical I'm not taking into account.

I know this question is really wide, so to speak... but I'm not totally sure what is ment by "mechanical" tactics yet.
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Re: Mechanical tactics?

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expirience is important
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Re: Mechanical tactics?

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I thought that mechanical tactics are "shallow" "easy" type tactics... trivial example: shotgun a 50hp worm before roping to a 54hp worm.
This is contrasted with deeper tactics, and one's larger strategy. Of course, the exact differences between all of this gets vague at a certain point.
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