Elemental games (Ymzk)

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Elemental games (Ymzk)

Post by Dario »

I got to meet one of the Chinese guys that has been wandering in the collective consciousness for some time and played these elemental games against him.
Elemental Ymzk.rar
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Post by Antares »

LOL Daz, nice writing : ''collective consciousness'' xD
I will watch them now, thanks for sharing.
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Post by Tade »

WOW... great games. i enjoy watch them.Very nice moves by both of you...
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Post by Koras »

I just finished playing elemntal vs Random00 (wo final)
watch out at decider :lol:

btw: I have a question for Dario...
kami shoudl be infinite or just 1 liek in inter,elite? I have 2 schemmes
btw wo mod delated nades :?
wo elemental final.rar
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Post by Wriggler »

No nades in elemental? Was there a reason given? That's retarded on the face of things...
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Post by Jigsaw »

I think he must have hated them a whole lot, yeah :)
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Post by Jakka »

It's infinite kami.
Jakk0 cares not.
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