backflips by pressin Backspace x2 + Enter are kinda useful!

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backflips by pressin Backspace x2 + Enter are kinda useful!

Post by Felo »

First of all, this topic is pretty worms-nerdy ..

So if you got nothing to do, feel free to waste your time on this meticulous knowledge XD

ok, here's the thing:

We all know that by pressing [Enter]][Enter] or [Backspace][Backspace][Enter] the worm does the same jump.
And there is no difference between using one way or the other (besides the worm does a backflip on the second one, but the movement on the pixels is the same).

So, everybody hits [Enter]][Enter] instead of [Backspace][Backspace][Enter] because its shorter and faster.

BUT I just found an useful difference about using [Backspace][Backspace][Enter] to jump backwards.

- So, at what specific moment is more useful to hit 3 buttons instead of 2? :S

The answer is:

When you are running out of time, and on the last peace of second you do that last necessary jump to go up at some special pixel and get a better hide or something; and you hit [Enter]][Enter] BUT you get that big bad luck and between one [Enter] and the other the time gets over.
Finishing with the worm jumping forward and screwing up your hide or even ploping!

Well, on that moment, if you press [Backspace][Backspace][Enter] instead of [Enter][Enter], you will avoid that situation.
1) if the time gets over between one [Backspace] and the other, the worm will jump up (so you will not plop your worm or get a worst hide.)
2) if the time gets over between the [Backspace] and the [Enter], the worm will do the common backflip (the higher one), that will avoid jumping forward! Yes, it can be that the worm gets plopped too because it will not move just like we wanted, BUT that will happen only in a very few situations.
What I'm trying to say is that by doing this, the probabilities on plopping to some hole, or get exposed to an airattack or something will get decreased!

I hope you can understand everything I said, you know I'm from Uruguay and English is not the primary language...

See you around!!

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Re: backflips by pressin Backspace x2 + Enter are kinda usef

Post by Kayz »

You know, Backspace+Enter does the same as Backspace+Backspace+Enter? Just different animation, but shorter, especially in time trouble. :) I agree with the rest.
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