1st NNN Cup

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1st NNN Cup

Post by Ivo »

NNN clan has the pleasure to present you the 1st NNN Cup.


This cup is intended to be the 1st of a series that will occur every ONL seasons, except the 1st season of each year - due to, in the 1st season of each year, we already have the overall PO as well as the usual seasonal PO. Among others, one of the main reasons for this cup creation is in thinking of the ONL players who don't get the chance to reach the final PO of each season and who rarely have the chance to join our One-Evenings tourneys, due its specific time demanding. So, now we are happy to make that everyone have the opportunity to play a regular tourney format competition among our community.
The cup will start with a sign-in period and it will automatically closed since it reaches 32 players. If the sign-in period expires and we will not get 32 players, the cup of the current season is cancelled.
The format is a simple tree with no group stage. Every stage of the cup tree has a well defined time period to be played. If a game of some stage will not be played before the time for that stage is finish, the player who has demonstrated the higher keen to arrange the game will advance for the next stage.


  • All the in-game rules, map choice pattern, and scheme, are the same of ONL.
  • Every complain about some connection drop during a game, should be posted in this thread, as well as the upload of the correspondent replay.
  • All the games are bo3, except semi-finals, final and 3rd place game, which will be bo5
  • In purpose of tree generation, the 1st placed player of the previous ONL will get a rank equals to 8, the second placed of the previous ONL will get a rank equals to 7, and so on with the 8th placed player getting a rank equals to 1. The remain players will get a rank equal to 0.
  • To sign in for the cup, make a post in this thread, showing, explicitly, that will.

Time schedule

  • Sign in starts now and finishes at July 17th.
  • 1st stage ends at August 7th.
  • 2nd stage ends at August 28th.
  • Quarter-finals end at September 11th.
  • Semi-finals end at September 21st.
  • Final and 3rd place game, end at September 30th

Current Signed-in players list:

  • Joschi
  • Ivo
  • Fonseca
  • Kisiro
  • Koras
  • SiD
  • zoky
  • Rafka
  • Tade
  • Kayz
  • Zolo-du
  • Szoszo
  • jule
  • Tomek
  • WeeM4n
  • Kilobyte
  • TenoriTaiga
  • M3donho
  • Jellenio
  • LittleBiatch
  • Husk
  • K4Tsis
  • Thouson
  • Uzurpator
  • Impossible
  • Sir-J
  • Paradajs
  • Sonny (Q)
  • Domi
  • Viks
  • Mablak
  • Khamski
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Joschi »

First, can host.
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Fonseca »

I would like to take part.

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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Kisiro »

I fit? play :D
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Koras »

damn no group stage :(
its not a cup :)
anyway sign me in!
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by SiD »

Sign me up please :)
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by zoky »

sing me in plz
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Rafka »

Hi sign me too plz! :P
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Tade »

Yea, me too...
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Kayz »

[FaD] im pro jumper
[lNNNxDario] i see
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Zolo-du »

Hi all
Sing me too ,pls. :mrgreen:
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Szoszo »

I'll play too :)
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Const »

Yes sign me in plz :idea:
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by Tomek »

I'm gonna kick few asses too :P
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Re: 1st NNN Cup

Post by WeeM4n »

I want to join! Sign in me plz :)
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