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Dario's profile

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Real name: Darío


Location: Córdoba, Argentina


Local time: -3


Age: 35


Birth: 1985/11/22


Clan: NNN








Twitter/Facebook account:


Ocupation: Cancer bioinformatics




Playtime: 20 GMT+


Average time to wait his game confirmation: 0 day(s), 0:0:0

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Number of games played in overall season: 216 (20.4%),
Number of games played in this season: 147 (56.1%)
Number of wins in this season: 40, number of loses: 107
Number of wins in overall season: 62, number of loses: 154
Maximum number of games he ever had in overall rankings: 327
Average round time: 07:45
Average turn time: 29.85 sec
% of caves played: 42%
% of islands played: 58%
% of cave rounds won: 300%
% of island rounds won: 374.1935483871%
% of first turn in islands: 86.206896551724%
% of first turn in caves: 119.04761904762%
% of first turn in islands won: 12.931034482759%
% of first turn in caves won: 16.666666666667%

Games per hours in overall ranking (current season is highlighted with yellow color):

games grid

Win/lose streak graphicon:

Dario's streak graphicon


2v2 mini league nº1
CWT 2010 3rd
CWT Site
CWT 2007 1st
CWT Site
CWT 2006 1st
CWT Site
CWT 2011 1st
CWT Site
1st Elemental tournament 2009-03-22
24th Intermediate tournament 2009-03-01
17th Intermediate tournament 2008-01-27
19th Intermediate tournament 30/03/08
25th Intermediate Tournament 2009-05-03 gold
42nd Intermediate Tournament 2011-06-06 gold
Season 13 3rd place
Season 12 3rd place
Season 1 1st place
Season 8 1st place
Season 10 1st place
Season 14 1st place
Season 11 1st place
2011 1st place
Season 9 2nd place
2012 overall silver
Season 2 2nd place
Year-round competition'2009
Season 11 playoff winner
Play-off season 7 winner
Playoffs Season 10
Overall Playoffs 201
Playoffs Season 9
Overall play-off winner 2010
The Ultimate normal
BMC Season 2
Jetpack lvl 9






best wormer ever!
- Korasadminright

Potential the number one wormer on the earth. Sometimes he shows such tricks with weapons what Ive never seen before. In addition, he works a lot in worm community and makes intermediate more famous
- Kilobyteadminleagueright

SORPRENDENTE esta un escalon sobre los demas. -------------------------------------------------------- Surprisingly, this one step on the other
- Funes

Just awesome player. Pioneer for many cool tricks and knowledge. :)
- Kayzadminleagueright

The King of Unexpected plays
- Felo

Probally the best intermediate player that Wormnet will ever see.
- TerRoRright

Dario is the greatest player of the Normal style, i appreciate him very much and he is my greatest motivation to play this game. If i can beat him i will not only be the best player from Argentina but from the whole world! so watch yuor back dude!
- Achilles

Best there is, best there was and the best that will ever be! He has at least my darkside tactics and at least 3-4x skills so no wonder that with this combination he is the perfect wormer. Too bad he won't listen to me in certain aspects :P If you're a newcomer don't be scared, he is really human, though he plays like a CPU's AI with human tactic xD About his human part ... we were much closer some years ago, but still one of best friends and NNN comunity builders. Best NNN icon!!! PS: don't torch me plz! xDD
- Antaresright

I had many umpleasant and unnecessary conservations with him, what i regret, but i must say he is one of the most intelligent guy here and one of the best player here if not the best.. Btw, the biggest cheater in that league xD
- KinslayeR

TOTALLY noob! ROFL!! The worm's "Federer", simply the best. Nothing to argue. Also admin and community worker.
- nano

The guy has intermediate mastered, and great sportsmanship on top of that, he helps keep the community going.
- Mablak

La verdad sos un excelente jugador, una mente brillante una inspiracion para todos los que juegan normal.Aparte de eso un buen perdedor me acuerdo que yo te iva ganando se me cayo el host y vos me dijistes deja me ganastes lo tenia perdido. Encima los aportes que haces son maravillosos. Espero verte en ag haciendo magia en los normales
- Feche

This is the best player ever of Worms Armageddon in intermediate style. The legend of that scheme. Unfortunately, when I started to play this game online, he already stoped to compete. - now he returned and everybody is waiting to see if he'll dominate, like in the old days, in this extremely competitive league. Despite he master cows very well, I'm one of who thinks that with HHG, he would be a bit better. As a person, he is friendly, polite and likes to teach his knowledge.
- Ivoadminright

There is a long story bothers me with this man! Long time ago we were a real opponents. It was not about wins, it was about understanding of the game and skill level. That was a great time of new moves, amazing inventions, new tactical ideas, enjoying cool unexpected moves. Daz is not only great interesting person to comunicate. His main idea is to find an "optimal" way of playing. He was always kinda worms scientist. He did a lot for the comunity and for worms as well. Everything he tried he did on a very high level. We can see the results - his own playing and organization of the league. My respect to you, friend!
- Johnmirright

Number 1 of all time. Awesome way of playing.
- Domirightretired

The expert, legendary player. There is something, what you do not know? :) In games with you I, probably, lose in advance, and I look the round idiot. But I am always glad to play with you.
- DarK'X'LorDleague

strong strong strong
- FaDright

Perfect player
- Korydexleague

- Khamski

Just a champion and cool guy :) Dario deserved for monument in us virtual word
- Tomekleagueright

Amazing things he does :)
- kukumberadminright

An extremely creative and tactical player who also knows a lot about game theory! He contributes a lot to the Worms community.
- Albusleague

A good strategist and creative player!
- Perdunokleague

Number One
- PavelBleagueright

Medals by turns:

Friendly fireSelf kills
Attack without damageMissed shoot
Multi killKills 2 worms
Tripple killKills 3 worms
Self plopFriendly kill without using a weapon
IdleTurn without shooting or dealing damage

Total used weapons, turns, damages in overall ranking:

rope = 00859 grenade = 00113 select = 00550 shotgun = 02027 gravity = 00109 baseball = 00085 jetpack = 00155 dynamite = 00177 hmissile = 00024 uzi = 00026 airstrke = 00049 firestrk = 00029 sheep = 00143 girder = 00244 pigeon = 00139 bazooka = 00066 skunk = 00082 parachut = 00173 kamikaze = 00027 bungee = 00125 petrolbm = 00046 longbow = 00156 teleport = 00121 mine = 00107 blwtorch = 00104 skipgo = 00004 axe = 00068 firepnch = 00062 drill = 00007 handgun = 00004 cluster = 00014 dragball = 00011 cow = 00004 surender = 00001 hgrenade = 00010 

Total turn time: 1 days, 02:28:15, average: 07:45 in total: 2910 turns, average turns in a round: 29.85 (with no retration)
Total damage dealed: 118644, in 2013 turns, average: 58.938897168405, maximal damage caused: 325 in one turn.
Total round time: 3 days, 03:12:48 in 216 rounds, average: 00:22:00
Sudden death factor: 0%

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