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Real name: Grecu M. Alin


Location: Romania


Local time: +2


Age: 37


Birth: 1983/6/14


Clan: NNN








Twitter/Facebook account:


Ocupation: Recruiter/Trainer/Psychologist


Interests: Music, Cult Cinema, Worms


Playtime: after 16 GMT and weekends


Average time to wait his game confirmation: 0 day(s), 0:0:0

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Number of games played in overall season: 0 (0%),
Number of games played in this season: 0 (0%)
Number of wins in this season: 0, number of loses: 0
Number of wins in overall season: 0, number of loses: 0
Maximum number of games he ever had in overall rankings: 236
Average round time: 00:00
Average turn time: sec
% of caves played: N/A%
% of islands played: N/A%
% of cave rounds won: N/A%
% of island rounds won: N/A%
% of first turn in islands: N/A%
% of first turn in caves: N/A%
% of first turn in islands won: N/A%
% of first turn in caves won: N/A%

Games per hours in overall ranking (current season is highlighted with yellow color):

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23rd NNN Tourney 3rd
2013 Overall Ladder
Season 19 2nd place
The Ultimate Cup






Antares' is one of my favourite opponents, he became much more creative in the last years, after putting more focus on playing defensive before. Now he combined his defensive thinking with his creative side to a explosive mixture. He plans many turns ahead and is almost always prepared for sd. He is a great friend, awesome person to talk to, and every game is a hell of fun.
- Kayzadminleagueright

One of greatest thinker in league. I played tones of rounds vs him until now, so know him pretty good. He never give up, even if unfortunately his chances to win are really small (it happends very rare) :) I appreciate that.
- Korasadminright

Hai, manager! XD
- Sabre

Simply the best example of how far a player can get with only basic skills and good strategy.
- Darioadminright

One of my favourite players all time, one of the best tacticer in this league, hes skill is better and better.. I think, no one thought (beside me), he can be in final playoffs. Good mate, hmm a bit talkative, not always understand what is he talking about xDD
- KinslayeR

Stable playing style, good tactics and the memory of 3 people, what do you want more! Lately he has been playing a little more creative, but still he needs to improve that a bit. You are doing good, and i hope you will practice your creativity hard! Peace out my nigga xD
- TerRoRright

Well, very nice to play with this dude :) He's fair guy with really good strategy, having fun with every game. He says that He doesnt care if He win or lose ----> He lies! :P
- Rafkaadminleagueright

Excellent and very well-disposed player. I like with him to play
- DarK'X'LorD

One of the most expirienced pro players. In my opinion, he is the one player here, who plays against a human, not against a "virtual" player. I mean he always feel a prsyhological situation in the game, he always realize his chances to win against concrete opponent! I respect this way of thinking. Antares bets less on skills and more on your brain level. After all, just a wise kind man always pleasure and interesting to talk with!
- Johnmirright

Cool m8, i like to play whit him
- Viks

good wormer good friend we talk alot coz he know german too and thats cool and he is bayern fan too just awsome that guy :)))
- FaDright

Very friendly wormer and best darksider ever.
- Domirightretired

Nice guy :)
- Korydex

Very friendly and talkative, also a strong player, no doubt ;)
- kukumberadminright

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Total used weapons, turns, damages in overall ranking:

Total turn time: 0 days, 00:00:00, average: 0:0 in total: 0 turns, average turns in a round: (with no retration)
Total damage dealed: 0, in 0 turns, average: 0, maximal damage caused: 0 in one turn.
Total round time: 0 days, 00:00:00 in 0 rounds, average: 00:00:00
Sudden death factor: 0%

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