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1.   Silaneoleague
2021-Mar-2 12:32:50
Just how did I lose a turn in 2nd round in 01:40 ? Not sure If I've seen something like this. This turned out to be a tough round :)
EDIT: Probably similiar effect as hitting a ceiling but didnt see it on a worm :)

2.   Silaneoleague
2021-Feb-24 18:52:47
Not a bad player! Sorry for my drop mate,still I thought i could win this.Nice game PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

3.   Silaneoleague
2021-Feb-22 20:46:18
2nd round - stupid draw where i killed myself in last move.3rd round where i had good winning chances with 2 ws even with bad luck with sd,better chances than in last round.Anyway gj!

4.   Silaneoleague
2020-Dec-4 17:50:28
I think thats a girl...Just judging from a photo ;p

5.   Silaneoleague
2020-Dec-1 09:50:19
Very nice job winning the second round! And pigeons rule :) Thats my special weapon I use for a long time ;p

6.   Silaneoleague
2020-Nov-12 15:56:55
PO game.Pavel resigned in 2nd round

7.   Silaneoleague
2020-Nov-7 19:46:21
And I played bad endings ;] In 2nd round in last move i could just use jetpack and kill the last 2 worms with pigeon.I need to play better in the future,this was just bad.Need a rematch :)

8.   Silaneoleague
2020-Sep-3 17:10:32
Nice save in 3rd round.Remembering oponents equipment helps,have to learn that;p

9.   Silaneoleague
2020-Aug-6 12:15:23
But why 2-0 ? I think it should be 1-0 if there was only 1 match

10.   Silaneoleague
2020-Aug-2 10:56:38
I just had to open myself for cow hit in last round...but well played man smoke.gif

11.   Silaneoleague
2020-Jun-19 19:56:36
I put all the replays so Crvic You can see that the drops werent mine,I would know,thing like the last round happen sometimes

12.   Silaneoleague
2020-Jun-16 15:13:21
First match - one of my worst endings.Last match - one of my best technical matches

13.   Silaneoleague
2013-Apr-6 16:16:09
There was no perfect hide anywhere :P Well this hide didnt decide the outcome,i made a strategic mistake later :)

14.   Silaneoleague
2013-Apr-5 10:32:54
damn lucker hehe icon_wink.gif gj icon_thumright.gif

15.   Silaneoleague
2011-Dec-31 16:32:52
hahaha :D

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