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1.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-23 14:56:24
lucky shit in 3rd round...

2.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-23 13:48:24
PO game.

3.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-21 15:09:42
PO game.

4.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-14 23:40:46
No it's not brooooooooooooooooooooo :P

5.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-14 15:03:35
Don't have them but I remember result perfectly, weird U dont remember our 1 game. Anyway, I might instal worms again since 2017 so no wonder I don't have them :P

6.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-12 20:34:19
"Yesterday I didn't give up when I was 1 aganst 6 Tadeusz and won the round!" - gj Perdunok! :)

Pavel, the last game in league? Seriously? Just take a break from league, I may say that I did that (don't count games with new guys). Take a break and come back, I wanna fight U, it's 1-1 in games between us fplasma.gifkacsint.gif

7.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Nov-11 13:35:43
PO game,

8.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Oct-29 13:38:10
only = Aloha

9.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-22 18:28:54
Intense game!

10.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-18 19:04:42
He didn't play badly in round 2 and could have beaten me, but for some reason he made a draw.

11.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-18 18:59:43

12.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-12 21:10:38
Thanks Albus.

13.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-11 21:09:03
В 3 раунде в конце можно было стрельнуть базукой в верхнего и сделав сальто упасть к нижнему и была бы ничья.

14.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-11 15:22:26
Round 2. I have the last worm left, Tadeusz has 6 worms, 2 - 100% each and I won!

Roun 3-at the end I wanted to put a mine on the other, but I couldn't smoke.gif

15.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-12 21:07:39
Pavel has already said this several times and returned.

16.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-12 18:49:49
With Silaneo you're tired, and Ilyukha not tired )
You should have fought to the end.
Yesterday I didn't give up when I was 1 aganst 6 Tadeusz and won the round!
Silaneo defeated me in the first round, but I pulled it together and defeated him!
If I was tired, I would take a break for half an hour and finish playing.

17.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-12 17:16:37
Pavel always freaks out when he loses duhos2.gif

18.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-11 18:28:09
Yes, I thought we were going to play at 16 in Moscow.
But you weren't there and I player, and you without a break.
I shouldn't have taken that risk. I hope will play again this season.

19.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-11 18:05:00
It was necessary to.

20.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-11 18:03:48
I was tired after playing with Tadeusz and another experienced player. So I lost.
In the second round I had to play a closed game.

21.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-9 21:48:55
Round 3 too simple map and bad positions

22.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-7 16:45:09
I played the first round badly, and 2 and 3 well

23.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-6 13:13:02
A god player! he used to beat me.

24.   Perdunokleague
2020-Nov-5 22:27:40

25.   Perdunokleague
2020-Oct-31 21:49:04
In the second round on the last move I pushed the rope too hard!
Unsuccessful game.

26.   Psykologileague
2020-Nov-18 19:06:11

27.   Psykologileague
2020-Nov-11 18:38:12
Alas, it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. The game was scheduled at 16 GMT. Still, the first round was very intense! We shall play again.

28.   Psykologileague
2020-Nov-11 18:08:43
Yeah, there were some fatigue-related mistakes from your side, mainly due to errors in concentration.

29.   Psykologileague
2020-Nov-10 18:59:19
Very skilled player.

30.   Psykologileague
2020-Oct-30 23:49:08
He knows my playing style and thus has a tactical edge

31.   Psykologileague
2020-Oct-30 22:57:29
Very skilled player. Barely beat him!

32.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Nov-14 23:27:15
brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is an illusory memory

33.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Nov-13 13:43:49
"it's 1-1 in games between us"

What are you talking about ? I have an archive of replays for 2017-2020, but I checked that we didn't play in this time period, maybe we played before.... do you have replays or not ?

34.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Nov-12 19:58:26
Снова херню порешь! "устал от игры" - означает что я устал В ЦЕЛОМ (от лиги, и игры в частности) но раз игра против силанео была запланирована на сегодня, то было бы не по феншую если бы я проигнорил этот матч, а так как играть мне было влом то я вышел во втором раунде, ибо мне абсолютно ПОХЕР на результат и на свое поражение, P.S. А Илюха ровный чел, которому пох на победу, он играет по фану, и не сует свой нос в каждую щель. English speaking friends sorry occasion14.gif

35.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Nov-12 18:08:36
Не неси хуйни, я просто отдал этот матч, так как устал от игры, и да, это моя последняя игра в лиге.

36.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Nov-12 16:04:35
No motivation to play. Goodbye League!

37.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Nov-11 00:25:53
Yes, he is my best student

38.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Oct-30 23:50:10

39.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Oct-30 23:45:25

40.   Albusleague
2020-Nov-12 20:49:07
I saw round 2. Good job Perdunok!

41.   Albusleague
2020-Nov-12 20:38:41
Rafka is right. Just take a break. I wanna play with you too! s-telefrag.gif

42.   Albusleague
2020-Nov-12 20:20:24

43.   Albusleague
2020-Oct-30 23:50:55
Boa psicólogo!

44.   Albusleague
2020-Oct-30 18:17:44

45.   Albusleague
2020-Oct-28 18:46:29
Round 2 was a 46 minutes game! That was crazy! Many mistakes from both sides... but damn... he was in a big advantage and all the game I darksiding waiting for some good oportunity... at 22'06'' I was thinking in put a mine there, but I used girder... I think mine would be a good oportunity!

46.   Albusleague
2020-Oct-28 18:42:50
PO game.

47.   Silaneoleague
2020-Nov-12 15:56:55
PO game.Pavel resigned in 2nd round

48.   Silaneoleague
2020-Nov-7 19:46:21
And I played bad endings ;] In 2nd round in last move i could just use jetpack and kill the last 2 worms with pigeon.I need to play better in the future,this was just bad.Need a rematch :)

49.   tadeuszleague
2020-Nov-12 10:35:14
I think you were a bit of a fantasy.

50.   tadeuszleague
2020-Nov-11 15:31:45
ye Pierdunok, GJ!

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