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1.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Nov-21 12:33:00
not bad player, gg! :)

2.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Nov-21 12:32:49

3.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Nov-21 12:32:46

4.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Oct-23 12:47:37
PO season final, gg! vigyor5.gif

5.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Aug-12 23:56:05
Cgrats Kayz ;]

6.   Senator
2019-Aug-12 10:24:58
Ye sorry about that. My focus just wasn't there.

7.   Kayzadminright
2019-Aug-11 18:01:52
PO final Overall. Senator surrendered after Round 3. GGs mate

8.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Jun-23 15:27:04
PO semifinal overall, gg.

9.   Kano
2019-Jun-18 17:54:36

10.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Jun-6 13:24:36
Overall PO game, gg!

11.   Rafkaadminright
2019-May-22 12:55:24
season PO semifinal game, gg!kacsint.gif

12.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Apr-16 17:12:40
Season PO. Very tough and kind a equal fight, gg ;]

13.   Senator
2019-Apr-11 18:44:47
PO game

14.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Mar-24 18:17:30
yes, overall PO.

15.   VoK
2019-Mar-24 16:21:43
Overall ending po game ? Or something dont know

16.   Rafkaadminright
2019-Mar-3 13:07:26
Earlier season PO final!

Btw, 3rd round was crazy...

17.   Vojske
2019-Feb-3 20:04:13
Overall ending competition - PO game

18.   VoK
2019-Jan-26 14:26:34

19.   Chilitolindo
2014-Oct-11 00:43:21
xd, I'll try

20.   Korasadminright
2014-Oct-9 16:52:32
now Chuvash? or Master?:)
I think U have some chances, but U have to play best game in your worm carrer :)

21.   Tomekright
2014-Oct-8 10:08:25
"you don't hace correctly program to open this file" its not just a replay?

22.   Kayzadminright
2014-Apr-13 15:10:18
The "13:37" was not intentional :D

23.   Khamski
2014-Apr-13 13:43:42
No, i can't plan everything.
But i saw the way to kill/severely damage 4 worms.
And as a result i killed 4 worms. Half of opponents team in one move.
Wasn't an obvious observation decision.

24.   Kayzadminright
2014-Apr-13 13:36:45

25.   Kayzadminright
2014-Apr-13 13:21:47
lol awesome, but this stucking at mine for 102 dmg was planned? xD

26.   Khamski
2014-Apr-13 12:36:20
n fly
n try
n bate

27.   Hwoarang CS
2014-Apr-13 12:33:31
Very, very nice move bravo bro

28.   Khamski
2014-Apr-13 12:13:12

29.   Akt
2014-Apr-13 06:57:56

30.   Hwoarang CS
2014-Feb-19 15:27:30
This move is for medals :)

31.   Kayzadminright
2014-Feb-19 15:08:21
Well it was a good idea, but you failed the jump a lot of times, it only makes it special because you finally did it when the turn was almost over

32.   Hwoarang CS
2014-Feb-19 10:50:22
Yes, in this move all skill presen, and you forgot rope and jp :)

33.   HenryCS
2014-Feb-17 20:02:27
Exelent precision and creavity!

34.   HenryCS
2014-Feb-17 20:01:58
Speed+skill+vision+idea=victory PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

35.   Kayzadminright
2014-Feb-17 08:32:36
Missed a number :)

36.   Hwoarang CS
2014-Feb-16 20:24:56
its not, you can see only 2 kill, watch video and tou will see.

37.   Kayzadminright
2014-Feb-16 20:19:05
It is already corrected..

38.   Hwoarang CS
2014-Feb-16 20:04:44
This move is for Zoky :) my teacher :) smile36.gif

39.   Hwoarang CS
2014-Feb-16 20:01:39
This move is for my win in this match!
But move is not complete shown in this video, pls correct it! TNX smile36.gif

40.   Kayzadminright
2014-Feb-8 23:38:09
Jetpack mine knock was obligatory for this move :D

41.   Akt
2014-Jan-30 13:49:14

42.   Taderight
2013-Dec-24 17:45:23

43.   Tomekright
2013-Oct-28 15:44:41
Akt is should point it by cursos I'm sure that you wanted to just plop him between carrot and grave ;) you couldn't predict that worm will bounce from this pixel doubt.gif

44.   Akt
2013-Oct-27 15:07:20
Hmm ok you're right.
Nice jump btw to get there

45.   Siwy
2013-Oct-27 14:53:39
So why would I use mine? This was my last chance

46.   Akt
2013-Oct-27 13:17:04
"Moves that must have been clearly and accurately predicted using the homing or teleport cursor to point out what are you going to try to do unless the intention was very obvious."

i think this is a problem for this move :D

47.   Akt
2013-Oct-25 21:37:31
gj :D

48.   Akt
2013-Oct-20 18:38:55
Congratz, very nice draw

49.   lovEvilutionright
2013-Jun-8 10:06:11

50.   Szoszo
2013-Jun-8 09:00:29
Yay Your first knock Kayz. And last Lg... Niektórzy mają koniczynkęicon_mrgreen.gif

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