Could AI beat the best players in normal?

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Could AI beat the best players in normal?

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Hello all,
It's been a long time! I see the league is not as active as it was before. Anyway I just read an article that AI can now beat good starcraft 2 players. ... -2-victory
So I wondered if it would be possible for AI to beat NNN players. Something is telling me it wouldn't be possible. Anybody familiar with deep learning/AI has an opinion on this subject? Kayz? In starcraft a computer is obviously better than humans when it comes to micromanaging units but there is no such thing in worms (even though they would beat us throwing perfect nades/zookas/shots etc.). Thoughts? I think Kayz has a background in math and you're a top worm player so I would love your input if you read this.

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Re: Could AI beat the best players in normal?

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Starcraft is much more complex. So, I'd assume that an AI could beat the best NNNers. I'm doubting its ability to fiddle with the rope, though. As far as I am concerned Starcraft is much more on the strategic level whereas in Worms you'd need more manual dexterity. I don't know, but definitely an interesting idea.

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