52nd NNN One Evening Tournament

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52nd NNN One Evening Tournament

Post by Rafka » Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:49 am

NNN 52nd Tourney 23.02.2020 – 13:30 GMT

1. Upload replays here on forum
2. If both players are member of the current ONL season, you can also report those games as ONL game.

In-Game rules

Map choice
The terrain has to be one randomly generated by the in-game editor, try to select terrains that minimize the number of easy kills and big piles during the first turns of the round.

Respect the first-turn-order, don't choose terrains trying to maximize the positive effect of you starting a round or to reduce the positive effect of the other wormer starting a round. Don't quit the game after each round, because besides being annoying it is suspicious. Also you shouldn't change your team, worms name, worms order and/or special weapon between rounds, it is very lame.


Game settings

Download the scheme
League-Intermediate.wsc is the ONLY valid scheme. Not the one without Jetpack delay.
This is very much alike the standard Intermediate scheme that comes with the game, but it has some small differences:
1. Cluster grenade power is 2.
2. Mortar power is 2.
3. Crate per turn probability is 0 (no crates will appear during the game).
4. Dud mines are off (all mines explode 3 seconds after the activation).

Tourney settings
- 8 worms for each team.
- Games have to be played as best of three games (bo3; maximal result is 2-1)
- Final and 3rd place game have to be played as best of five games (bo5; maximal result 3-2)
- Only if there is a 3-way-final, everybody plays versus everybody a best of three game.

See you Sunday on #RopersHeaven
Everyone's invited! :)
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